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Downtown Orlando

As the literal and figurative heart and soul of Central Florida, Downtown Orlando is a dynamic and evolving center of business and retail. It is Florida’s most vibrant core, one that has transformed itself steadily through the years.

Downtown Orlando serves as the center of Central Florida’s fast diversifying and emerging new economy with research facilities, high-tech manufacturing, and hubs for the back-end operations of the banking industry.

Plans for the future include creating a greener city that’s walkable and bike friendly, connecting the now-segmented central Orlando neighborhoods, and improving the business climate by expanding public transport and loosening permit restrictions.

Living in Downtown Orlando

Downtown Orlando hums with business and enterprise, including fine-dining restaurants, world-class hotels, choice shopping areas, and much more.

It hosts numerous parks, local and federal government offices, sports facilities, art galleries, and movie theaters. Cultural events, music, fine art and festivals fill the streets of downtown Orlando on an almost weekly basis.

Downtown is removed from more touristy areas typically located on the southern half of the city. Still, it attracts visitors eager to experience the “real Orlando” that lies off the tourist grid.

Homes in Downtown Orlando

Most current downtown residents prefer the newer condominiums and apartment homes that have sprung up in downtown Orlando.

This may be due to features and amenities that the newer high rises offer. Today, condo buyers are keen on having livable outdoor spaces. Elsewhere, for example, developers are adding extra amenities like large rooftop patios and spacious balconies – clearly a selling point for their new constructions.

Fitness playgrounds are another condo trend, a communal facility with equipment and space for group fitness classes.

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