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If you’re selling your home, here are useful tips to consider:

1. Invest in small repairs or upgrades.
First impressions count a lot, so it’s advisable for you to undertake certain touchups to the house, including trimming overgrown bushes and scraping away chipped paint. These will not only make a better first impression on possible buyers, but also show the care that you put in your home.

2. Hire a professional that will ensure you get the best deal.
That person must be well connected to see to it that your home is seen by as many potential buyers as possible. A real estate agent who knows his or her business can give you valuable insight and get the most out of the transaction.

3. Price your house right.
Ensure that the price you’re asking for is within a reasonable range of current market prices of similar homes in your neighborhood.

4. Remove sentimental décor and family memorabilia from your home.
Personal items can turn off potential buyers or prevent them from thinking or imagining your home as their own. Buyers like to picture themselves living in the house, surrounded by their own things.

5. Make sure to talk up what’s good about your neighborhood.
Mention nearby recreation spots, family-friendly dining areas, and convenient shopping places. If the family who’s looking to buy your house has kids, include the best schools in the area in your listing as well. If the work commute is easy, point that out. Nearby dog parks can be a selling point, as are community events, and clubhouse amenities.

6. Read all the documents carefully before signing on the dotted line.
The paperwork might be tedious, but skipping out on important details without validating them can turn into an even bigger headache in the future. Note that all mandatory transaction costs should be settled before you turn over the title and the keys to the buyer.

Selling your  home can be a very difficult process. You deserve the very best when selling a home, make the seamless transition by contacting Chris Quarles for all your Orlando Real Estate needs!

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