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Why Windermere is Florida’s Top-Ranked Suburb

3 Reasons Why Windermere is Florida’s Top-Ranked Suburb Windermere, Florida is bustling with people and things to do. Some people wonder why this suburb is so appealing. I think it has a lot to do with the plethora of natural beauty that runs rampantRead More

Why live in College Park?

College Park is a vibrant neighborhood that combines the best of small-town living and big city convenience. It's family friendly but also a great fit for young professionals. It has everything you need within reach. If you're looking for the best placRead More

The best of Winter Park

Looking for things to do in Winter Park? There's a ton of things to see, do, and discover in one of the most charming cities in Central Florida. Here are the best of them: Shops, restaurants, and more at Park Avenue If you've never been to WiRead More

Where to eat in Downtown Orlando

Someone once compared the dining scene in Orlando as feeling like “you’ve been transplanted to Manhattan.” Here then is a list of some of the most recommended restaurants in the area. 1. The Rusty Spoon American gastropub 55 W Church St., OrlRead More

Home Rental Prices in Metro Orlando

Depending on your individual financial situation, as well as your preferred living style, there can often be many advantages to renting a home, versus buying. For instance, renting a home can often be much less expensive than buying a home. Typically, youRead More

Relocation Guide

If you are considering making Orlando or the central Florida area your new home, then we would like to personally welcome you! We are thrilled that you are considering Orlando for your new home. Whether the warm and sunny climate or the world class entertRead More

Apartments in Downtown Orlando

Apartments and condos are a fantastic option in many markets, including Orlando. And fortunately, there are plenty of condo communities to choose from in the Orlando market. Whether you are thinking of relocating to Orlando or considering a condo or apartRead More

Popular Lake Communities in Orlando

5 Popular Lake Communities in Orlando If you asked around about all of the best perks of living in Orlando, the chances are good that you will hear about our lakefront communities more often than not. Living in one of Orlando’s lake communities allowRead More

Historic Preservation Districts in Orlando

6 Historic Preservation Districts in Orlando Sure, you know that Orlando is home to the top theme parks in the world, attracting millions upon millions of visitors to Central Florida each and every year. But did you also know that Orlando is home to soRead More

Real Estate Lingo 101

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned buying or selling veteran, it is likely that at some point, all of the real estate lingo and jargon that gets thrown around can start to sound like Greek to you. What is the difference between an ARM aRead More

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